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Why do I need to subscribe?

We know, it may seem like a nuisance to have to subscribe in order to get our free resource when you are already on our mailing list. Here are the main reasons we ask you to.

We run an automated system to allow people on our mailing list or wanting to join our mailing list to download the free resource. Unfortunately we can’t do this manually as it would be too time-consuming, so have to rely on software to do it for us. Sadly the software isn’t clever enough to know whether you are on our mailing list or not, so simply asks everyone for their email address in order to grant them access to the PDF.

This is also part of our work towards compliance with GDPR (an update to data protection laws coming into force in May) which requires that we have up-to-date consent from people for them to be on our mailing list. It therefore kills two birds with one stone, by ensuring GDPR compliance and providing a free resource at the same time.