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“Body Sensation Words” pdf

The “Body Sensation Words” pdf is a helpful tool for anyone trying to describe what they are feeling but find that words escape them. It is featured in our Emotional Resource Guide (available through here)


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We run an automated system to allow people on our mailing list or wanting to join our mailing list to download the free resource. Unfortunately we can’t do this manually as it would be too time-consuming, so have to rely on software to do it for us. Sadly the software isn’t clever enough to know whether you are on our mailing list or not, so simply asks everyone for their email address in order to grant them access to the PDF.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Information for Professionals Leaflet (PDF)

This leaflet covers key information about dissociative identity disorder (DID), aimed specifically at professionals, covering topics such as diagnostic criteria, dissociation as a response to trauma, symptoms, and the basis of treatment guidelines or pathway.

Info for Professionals (.pdf) – Download

Also available in hardcopy.

My Top 50 Books on Trauma and Dissociation, by Carolyn Spring

Download your free copy of Carolyn Spring’s ‘Top 50 Books’ here.

Top 50 Books (.pdf) – Download

Also available via the PODS Amazon bookstore.